We keep up to date with technological advancements and invest in sophisticated surveying equipment. This, coupled with regular training, our experience and attention to detail, ensures that we maximize the advantages of having the best technology around – and our clients enjoy the cost savings! They also reap the results of increased productivity when time on site is limited.

The newest equipment addition is a survey-grade Spectra GPS unit which connects anywhere using a Virtual Reference Station (VRS). Unlike other connections, the VRS connection reduces ionoshperic errors which increases the GPS's accuracy. When the ideal circumstances arise during a survey job, the GPS unit allows us to have accurate survey measurements in less time than conventional survey methods. This helps us collect the data faster, return to the office quicker, and as a result, our clients are able to save money!.

Our latest reflectorless/robotic total stations are optical instruments which combine an electronic distance measuring device (EDM) with an electronic theodolite. They are able to measure distances and angles with extreme accuracy, as well as feature codes and point attributes. This information is then used to record survey points. The one man robotic feature on these machines means that only one person needs to visit the site to carry out the work.

We can directly upload entire drawings on to our total stations for site visits and we can add things instantly, so nothing gets forgotten, whilst still on site. Using our advanced technology, we can identify site features and levels, show the plan location and height of adjacent buildings and also overlooking windows. Data can be processed at any scale and contours produced at any interval.

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